Monteverde is for the adventurous MTB and Trail Runners too!

When we imagine Monteverde, lush, verdant forest immediately comes to mind, and we are right! Monteverde is where the mystical cloud forest thrives under the care of its conservation-focused community…

When we imagine Monteverde, lush, verdant forest immediately comes to mind, and we are right! Monteverde is where the mystical cloud forest thrives under the care of its conservation-focused community, and protected areas that cover this beautiful mountain top. While trekking and adventure activities like ziplining, hiking, and bungee jumping are daily activities for the adrenaline-rush enthusiasts, Monteverde also offers incredible opportunities for mountain bikers and trail runners too!

Ficus Sunset Suites is the perfect place to rest your weary legs and backs after a day of mountain biking or mountain running. Ideally located in the heart of Monteverde, running trails, mountain biking trails and hiking trails are never too far away. And, after a day on the trails, there is nothing better than to sit back and relax in the comfort of your modern hotel with all the conveniences you need for a wonderful stay.

Monteverde sits at a refreshing 4,662 feet above sea level and has all the things that make Costa Rica so famous. Rich biodiversity, lush forests, friendly locals, great boutique hotels and restaurants, and of course, an amazing cup of freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee! Thanks to its altitude and position on the continental divide, Monteverde also boast one of the best views down onto the Pacific coast and the citrus-orange sunsets. Have a coffee, a beer, or a wine ready at Ficus Sunset Suites restaurant to inhale its beauty.

The experts recently summed up Costa Rica too. Travel + Leisure just named Costa Rica in its prestigious list of 15 of the World’s Most Naturally Beautiful Countries and Monteverde’s cloud forest received a special mention of why Costa Rica is in this special group of beautiful destinations to visit! Yet another reason to visit this incredible sanctuary in the clouds.

Running Trails

When Santa Elena/Monteverde appears on the Great Runs website, it is a good sign that it is a great place for a run. As the website states:

“The splendor of the Monteverde Cloud Forest and its abundant flora and fauna is another top destination for nature-loving visitors to Costa Rica.”. It highlights the great running trails Monteverde has, and also the views you will enjoy while running.

The Trail Run Project is a website where running enthusiasts collectively share their experiences and new running trails with other runners all over the world. In Monteverde you can find 18 different running trails to choose from if you would like to do some training while visiting this mountaintop sanctuary. It will definitely be a trail run in nature up close, as you work your way through the cloud forest.

Moon Run

In mid-December, the Ultra-Trail MoonRun Costa Rica took place and Monteverde was present! Ficus Sunset Suites’ sister property, Selvatura Adventure Park was part of this intensive measure of physical and mental strength. The Moonrun Solania 2021 offered 3 categories for the brave trail runners who could choose between the:

  • Sprint Trail – 12km
  • Adventure Trail – 26km
  • Ultra Trail – 43km

This ultra-trail running has been a permanent trail running event in the Monteverde region starting back in 2015. After a two-year break thanks to the pandemic, it returned in 2021 with great success. Stay tuned for when the next Moonrun Solania will be open for registration!

Mountain Biking (MTB)

If there is one thing that Monteverde has a lot of, are slopes thanks to the forested mountainous landscape that has made this nature-rich mecca so popular. The steep slopes, uneven terrain, and lots of forests to ride through, are just some of the reasons why Monteverde is the perfect place for avid mountain bikers.

Thanks to the fantastic topography of Monteverde, it has become a popular destination for mountain bike enthusiasts, with a number of routes that cater to beginners up to experts. Get ready for lots of heart-stopping downhills, challenging uphill’s, sharp bends, amazing scenery of the Monteverde mountains, and views that stretch to the blue waters of the Gulf of Nicoya.

While the possibilities of MTB in Monteverde are endless, here are some of the better-known routes:

  • Los Llanos: This is a good route for beginners or those looking for an easier ride. It is 14 kms long and has a 300 m accumulated elevation
  • La Lindora: This is a 20 km route with an impressive 900m accumulated elevation. It has a river along the way and amazing views of the top of the San Luis trail.
  • Valle de San Luis: This is 24 km with 1200 m accumulated elevation. This route has some amazing views too.
  • Cerro Pinocho: This is a favorite with the locals as you feel you are really in the middle of nowhere! This route is about 30 km long.
  • El Dos de Tilarán: This route requires a lot of hard peddling with a number of microclimates along the way. This is 41 km long with an accumulated elevation of 1300 m.
  • Las Juntas: This is the king of the Monteverde MTB routes and requires you to be in very good physical condition. How does 60 km of epic descents and incredible ascents sound? You will go from round 1400 m above sea level to nearly sea level during this route.

So, whether you are a trail runner, a mountain biker, or a keen hiker, Monteverde has a trail for you! Not only is Monteverde one of the most unique and beautiful places to explore, it also offers a world of adventure in all its speeds and styles. As the world opens up to new sporting and adventure activities, Monteverde will continue to come up as the perfect destination to run, bike and walk those trails in nature. Ficus Sunset Suites can’t wait to be part of the adventure and your starting point.

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