How to get to Monteverde

When traveling through new territory and discovering new destinations, there is nothing better than the journey being as beautiful as the destination itself. This is definitely the reality when you are on your way to the mountaintop sanctuary of Monteverde after spending time in other unique places in Costa Rica…

When traveling through new territory and discovering new destinations, there is nothing better than the journey being as beautiful as the destination itself. This is definitely the reality when you are on your way to the mountaintop sanctuary of Monteverde after spending time in other unique places in Costa Rica. How do you get to Monteverde from other Costa Rican hotspots like Manuel Antonio, Arenal Volcano, San Jose, and Guanacaste? So, let´s start our journey to Monteverde. Enjoy the ride!

Monteverde is located close to the center of Costa Rica, which means getting there from the north, south, east, and west will mean just a few hours of travel through lush farmland, rainforests, coastal roads, mountains, or valleys. Wherever you are coming from, the landscapes are varied but always with a mountain range nearby. Up one of those mountains is Monteverde, a small gem hidden in the cloud forest.

Manuel Antonio: 3 hours 15 minutes

After some sunny days enjoying the beautiful beaches and biodiverse national park, full of cheeky monkeys and coatis, Manuel Antonio is hard to leave. This trendy tourist hotspot is on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica and has been a popular beach destination for many years. Filled with restaurants, hotels, and bars, Manuel Antonio is one of many travelers’ bucket-list.

From the blue ocean to the green mountain is a great trip along the coastal highway and then up into the clouds. The journey from Manuel Antonio to Monteverde is approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes. This means you can enjoy lunch overlooking the beach and be in your Ficus Sunset Suites in time for the spectacular sunset!

The distance between Manuel Antonio and Monteverde is 185km or 115 miles by car.

  • Much of the drive will be along the coastal road or Route 34. You will bypass the seaside resort town of Jaco and go over the famous Crocodile viewing bridge, which is worth a stop.
  • Connect with Route 27, which will take you directly to the coast, passing by the Port of Caldera, becoming Route 23.
  • Follow Route 23 road passing by the turn-off to Puntarenas, and continue
  • Connect with Route 1, the Inter-American Highway.
  • After 30 kilometers, you will turn right at the Full Gas Station, and up the mountain, you will go the scenic Route 606.

Arenal: 3 hours 15 minutes

Arenal Volcano is often combined with Monteverde thanks to their unique landscapes, forests, and the adventure that goes on within them. While there is not much distance between these two beautiful places, adventure is part of the journey. So get ready for a 3-hour 15, minute drive with spectacular views from the lowlands to the highlands!

Travel between Arenal Volcano and Monteverde includes Lake Arenal and a drive up the mountain! This could be one of the most scenic routes in Costa Rica as you will be accompanied by views of the majestic Arenal Volcano, the lake, pastures, and the lush mountain range.

The distance from La Fortuna, Arenal to Monteverde is 121kms or 75 miles.

  • Take Route 142 toward Lake Arenal, which you will circumnavigate, passing through the quaint town of Tilaran surrounded by its windmills generating clean-energy and agricultural-rich paddocks.
  • Pass through the town and connect with Route 45, which connects with Route 606.
  • Continue up the mountainside, and you will reach Monteverde.

Liberia 2 hours 30 minutes

Monteverde is conveniently positioned between Costa Rica´s two international airports. If you are flying into the Guanacaste International Airport on the Nicoya Peninsula, Monteverde is just under two and a half hours away by car. Guanacaste is the sunny province with luxury beach resorts, famous surf, seaside towns, and cattle ranches.

So, after some well-deserved Vitamin C and D, relaxing by the sun-kissed pool overlooking the tropical beach at Ficus Sunset Suites’ sister property, Papagayo Golden Palms, or directly after landing at the airport, it is time to head for the highlands! Monteverde awaits up in the cooler mountains with exotic forests, and hiking through them is the big attraction.

The distance between the Guanacaste airport and Monteverde is 124 km or 77 miles.

  • From the Guanacaste International Airport, head north towards Liberia, the capital city of Guanacaste, along Route 21.
  • When you reach the intersection, turn right, and take the ramp up onto Route 1 or the Inter-American Highway.
  • Continue south along this upgraded highway for about an hour and a half
  • Turn left onto Route 605, which will become Route 606 and get you to Monteverde

San Jose 3 hours

San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, is located in the Central Valley. This beautiful valley surrounded by volcanoes, coffee plantations, and its bustling vibe is also home to the three other most prominent cities in the country and the Juan Santamaria International Airport too! This busy valley is about 3 hours from Monteverde, and the drive is filled with scenery and contrasts.

After exploring the historical and architectural richness of downtown San Jose, visiting a coffee farm, and peering down into a volcano crater, it is time to move to greener pastures, and Monteverde calls. The drive involves some ups and downs, but it is worth it!

The distance between San Jose and Monteverde is 138kms or 86 miles.

  • From San Jose, you will take Route 27, a modern tolled highway that will take you down the mountainside onto the Pacific Coast.
  • You will continue down onto the coast, passing by the Caldera Port and Route 23.
  • Follow Route 23 until it meets Route 1, the Inter-American Highway
  • Turn right at the Full Gas Station onto Route 606, which will take you up the mountainside to Monteverde!

The distance between the Juan Santamaria International Airport and Monteverde is 126kms or 78 miles.

  • If leaving from the Airport, you will turn to the left along Route 1, the Inter-American Highway, and take the Coyol turnoff to connect with Route 27, or just keep on Route 1 for 97kms until you reach the Route 606 road up to Monteverde.

Wherever your day begins, Ficus Sunset Suites awaits your arrival for an unforgettable stay in the cloud forests of Monteverde. Spacious, comfortable suites with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, delicious dining, and top-quality service from the Ficus Sunset Suites team. We look forward to showing you the best of your destination in the clouds.

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