Exploring the best canopy tours in Monteverde

When you hear Costa Rica, a number of things come to mind. Firstly, that it is full of nature, and that 25% of its land is protected forests, wetlands, and mangroves…

When you hear Costa Rica, a number of things come to mind. Firstly, that it is full of nature, and that 25% of its land is protected forests, wetlands, and mangroves. Secondly, that Costa Ricans are really friendly and welcoming, and that it is world-famous for its sustainable tourism model. But definitely, you would have heard that it is the place to go ziplining! Monteverde is the birthplace of canopy tours for tourism in the world so let’s explore the best canopy tours in Monteverde!

All over the country, there is a ziplining tour, each one unique in its own way so it doesn’t matter how many times you do zip lining while in Costa Rica, each time will bring a new sensation, a new goal, a new landscape, and a new thrill! The truth of the matter is that a canopy tour is an adventure-charged activity that joy-seekers of all ages and adrenaline-rush lovers absolutely love! The best canopy tours in Monteverde are that much more special as you can fly through a cloud forest for additional fun!

Monteverde, here we come!

With the best canopy tours in Monteverde, you need the best hotel in Monteverde too! Ficus Sunset Suites is conveniently located within a short distance to all the best canopy tours in Monteverde. This modern hotel, located in the heart of Monteverde is your perfect basecamp while exploring this mountaintop cloud forest wonderland. In the morning, after a delicious Costa Rican coffee on your private balcony, it is time to harness up and start your day of adventure!

Monteverde boasts a number of zip-lining tours with adventure parks including Selvatura Adventure Park, Monteverde Extreme, and Sky Adventures. Each Park has its outstanding points and your choice will depend on how you would like to spend your day and the type of adventure you would like to have. All the parks have a variety of activities you can choose from too so if bungee is what you want, Monteverde Extreme is for you, whereas if you would prefer to combine adventure with nature, Selvatura Adventure Park is your go-to place for the day.

Ziplining through the Cloud Forest

Monteverde is famous for its cloud forest, and it is stunning. While there are lots of walks and hikes deep into the cloud forest, a zipline through one takes you to a whole new level. To be flying through the forest canopy and the clouds that dance around the treetops, really means that you are flying through the clouds!

Selvatura Adventure Park is where you will literally fly through the cloud forest. It is the only canopy tour that is built entirely within the cloud forest. This differentiator sets the Selvatura Park canopy tour apart from the others as this makes it a unique experience to live while in Monteverde and Costa Rica.

Canopy Tours adrenaline add-ons

If a canopy tour wasn´t thrilling enough, some zip-lining tours offer add-ons, usually at the end of the tour to finish the tour off with an additional bang! It may be a Tarzan swing or a Superman ride or maybe reaching the forest floor by rappelling down from the last platform. Not all canopy tours offer these fun add-ons but in Monteverde they do!

Selvatura Adventure Park offers a Tarzan swing as part of the classic canopy tour that can be upgraded to include a superman ride style cable ride which means you fly along the cable horizontally and headfirst in a special harness. And the thrill-seekers love it! Monteverde Extreme also offers the Tarzan swing, the superman style canopy line, and a rappel at the end of the tour whereas Sky Adventures has an enclosed aerial tram ride prior to the canopy tour.

Which add-on is better? All are fun and safe. It depends on your adventurous spirit although, the Selvatura Adventure Park is more middle-of-the-line with its canopy tour add-ons which means it works better for families and those wanting some great thrills but not over the top.

Adventure and Nature?

The best canopy tours in Monteverde are part of adventure parks with additional attractions which complement flying through the forest canopy at fantastically fun speeds. Make a day of it and enjoy a range of nature and adventure-inspired activities to create an unforgettable memory.

While Sky Adventures has a tree climbing activity, a reptile exhibition, and a nature trail with suspension bridges, Monteverde Extreme has a horse-riding tour and an off-site reptile exhibition too. For an all-around experience, the best adventure – nature park is Selvatura Adventure Park in Monteverde. It not only has a nature trail with suspension bridges that take you into the cloud forest canopy, but it also has a reptile and amphibian exhibition, a butterfly garden, and a sloth sanctuary.

This means that after finishing the adventure of a canopy tour, you can wander through the wildlife exhibits and nature walk with a delicious lunch on the way. Enjoy observing the wildlife and learning about their habitat and behavior. What a perfect balance of close-to-nature activities that are suitable for all ages too. And then, back to Ficus Sunset Suites to watch the sunset with a well-deserved drink to salute an unforgettable day of fun and thrills for everyone!

Ficus Sunset Suites cannot wait to be part of your adventure in Monteverde. After an exciting day of canopy tours and close-to-nature experiences, retreat to your spacious, welcoming suite and enjoy the relaxing side of Monteverde as well. Let us take care of your adventure reservation so you can focus on the thrill of the ride.

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