5 Reasons to visit Monteverde, a 2021 safe travel destination

They say that to plan is to have hope! Well, that certainly rings true as the world begins to open up, more and more airplanes filled…

They say that to plan is to have hope! Well, that certainly rings true as the world begins to open up, more and more airplanes filled with excited, hopeful planners are crossing the skies and favorite destinations receive them with open “socially distanced” arms. Safety and hygiene are the new ingredients to creating delicious travel memories now as are destinations that are secluded and off the beaten track. Costa Rica has just the place! Let’s see 5 reasons why Monteverde is a 2021 safe travel destination.

Nestled in a sheltered mountain top overlooking the splendor of the Pacific Ocean, is the small village of Monteverde, that translates to Green Mountain. Its name truly describes what you will see, lush, verdant rainforest that embraces the mountainsides down into the valleys, broken only by rural homes and grazing pastures. While small and faraway, Monteverde holds treasures that makes it the perfect destination to visit in 2021.

  1. Remote and beautiful destination

Monteverde is one of those unique places that is a true Costa Rican treasure that never ceases to amaze with its diverse wildlife, gorgeous eco-boutique hotels and great eateries. Sustainable tourism is the foundation of the town’s philosophy and this is a community effort that is dear to its heart.

Monteverde’s secret to its success is that it remains true to its essence to stay small and focus on what is truly important: enjoying and nurturing its beautiful nature reserves and protected areas that are home to the mystical cloud forest. This means, it continues to be and feel like a destination in seclusion.

  1. Open-Air Activities

Monteverde is where nature, adventure, eco-indulgence, and new experiences are all wrapped up into one secluded destination! It is a place for nature lovers, lovers of the outdoors and lovers of adrenaline. A visit to this little mountaintop sanctuary is an experience like no other.

Without sounding too cliché, Monteverde has something for everyone especially where it requires hiking boots, a quota of adrenaline, some wet weather gear, and a love for close to nature experiences. This is an outdoor lover’s paradise where nature can be experienced from a diversity of perspectives.

Many of these experiences are within, above, below or through the cloud forest depending on your desire for an open-air thrill. Throw yourself along the zipline as your race through the cloud forest canopy. Stroll across the magical hanging bridges that guarantee birds eye views of our flying friends and the forest dwellers. Spend the day at Selvatura Adventure Park for some true-green outdoor adventures!

For those that like their feet safely on the forest floor, the perfect place to do some wholesome Monteverde hiking is in one of the many reserves. This is when you will truly experience the cloud forest. A walk through this endangered ecosystem is sensorial where you immerse yourself into the lush, diverse tropical vegetation and the misty surroundings.

Bird watchers “flock” to Monteverde as it is home to over 500 species and is a regular stop over for numerous migratory birds.

This is a birdwatcher’s favorite destination so bring your binoculars and your bird-guide book as you will be truly entertained.

  1. A community affair

Monteverde was founded by a few Costa Rican families and a small group of Quakers, pacifists, and conscientious objectors in the early 50s escaping the Korean War. They decided to set up camp in Monteverde thanks to its cooler climate and fertile soils that offered the perfect combination to begin dairy farming. They also became protectors of the surrounding areas much of which later became the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

A place founded on the cornerstones of peace and conservation is bound to become a special place and Monteverde certainly impresses. While this admirable community has grown over the years, it has retained its sense of solidarity and helping hands to ensure a healthy and safe environment for the residents and visitors.

Monteverde is part of Costa Rica´s world-renowned health system and has local clinics and medical centers including the Red Cross, many with extended hours to assist emergencies and health situations. This offers additional peace of mind during these times where testing and medical facilities need to be readily available.

  1. The Perfect Boutique Hotel

While Monteverde offers plenty of open-air spaces and adventures in nature, a feature that ensures the only “close to” will be with nature itself, a modern, boutique-sized hotel that has implemented a series of health and safety protocols offers additional peace of mind. Hotel Ficus is all that and more!

With just 20 rooms that are spacious, each with their own balcony or terrace that offer uninterrupted views of the Gulf of Nicoya below, or Ficus’ private forest, this hotel is perfect. This additional open space in the privacy of your suite means that you can enjoy the beauty of the rainforest, the amazing sunsets over the Pacific Oceans, or the opportunity to just sit in quiet contemplation after a day in the out-doors with your social bubble.

Hotel Ficus also has a fantastic restaurant that offers delicious European inspired dishes accented with Costa Rican flavors. Fresh, locally sourced ingredients and the chef’s artistic flair are the secrets behind each amazing dish. Throw in the incredible views and an afternoon cocktail to watch the citrus-orange sunset, it is close to a perfect moment.

  1. It is in Costa Rica!

Well, we had to mention it as one of the reasons why Monteverde is a 2021 safe travel destination. Costa Rica, it’s public health system and nationwide network of hospitals, clinics and community health centers have shown the way in managing the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was the 7th country in the world to begin vaccinating its population and presently is seeing positive cases lowering daily thanks to the safety and hygienic measures implemented by the government. Costa Ricans understood the actions taken and is witnessing the encouraging results.

Let’s also consider that Costa Rica has been given the World Tourism and Travel Council’s Safe Travel’s Stamp, by adopting the SafeTravels health and hygiene global standardized protocols. This means that from the moment you arrive at the San Jose or Liberia Airport, to the moment when you arrive at Monteverde, there is a safety-net of procedures to ensure a healthy and happy vacation. Your vacations in Costa Rica will be memorable for all the right reasons.

There are many more reasons to make Monteverde and Costa Rica your 2021 safe travel destination so let’s convert that hopeful planning into an unforgettable vacation. Ficus Hotel looks forward to your visit. Reach out to us and lets start planning your safe vacation for 2021.

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